Janet Lembke


Past: Janet Lembke was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in the dark days of The Depression. She graduated with a degree in Classics from Middlebury College, sank happily into housewifery, and bore two sons and two daughters.

Present: She writes, gardens, and keeps cats in Staunton, Virginia. Her eighteen books include poetry, literary translations, and collections of essays on the natural world. In 2005, she received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to translate Virgilís Georgics, a poem on farming. She is a certified Virginia Master Gardener.

Future: A memoir called I Married an Arsonist.

Selected Works

1. Nature Writing
Lembke charts our dependence and antagonism with the plants and animals we live with closely.
2. Literary Translation
A verse translation of one of the greatest nature poems ever written


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